Attract Customers and Power Your Marketing Campaigns With Our Text Marketing Services

We provide easy, affordable, and efficient SMS marketing services to increase customer retention and improve brand recall to grow your business!

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How Texting Helps Your Business

Learn how you can stay ahead of the curve and take your business to new heights with the power of SMS marketing!

Scheduled Texts

Schedule text messages hours, days, or weeks in advance! You can set up a single broadcast or an entire month’s worth of promotions all at once.

Send Mass Text Messages

We make mass text messaging easy. With our efficient process, compose a message and send it to thousands of people all at once!

Auto-Reply Mechanism

Auto-replies are automated messages that your customers receive when they send your text words to a shortcode.

About Us

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Gone are the days when engaging with your customers seemed daunting. With our flexible and easy-to-use SMS marketing services, you can get your message across through various channels and formulate effective marketing campaigns.

Our texting service isn’t just super convenient for customers, it’s also helpful for your business. SMS marketing can help you stay ahead of your competitors and bring in more sales.

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Why You Should Switch To SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing grants you the ultimate power to take your business to new heights by improving brand recall!

Increase Customer Engagement

Enhance the way your business deals with existing and new customers.
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Monitor, Analyze, and Improve

With our useful messaging platform, analyze your performance and overcome obstacles to transcend boundaries.
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Global Reach

Unlock borders and communicate with your customers across the globe.

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Our platform can be easily integrated into your existing software.

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Industries Who Love Snd-A-Txt

Join these businesses who have used SMS marketing to connect with their audiences.

Fitness Centers

One of the challenges most gym owners face in a very competitive market is keeping their customers coming back to their facility to work out. Well, with our easy to use text marketing software, that problem will quickly become a thing of the past.


Thanks to its unavoidable nature, SMS marketing is perfectly suited to the retail market. Marketing in the retail sector requires a massive campaign of direct mail, email or inserts to be effective. This makes SMS marketing a convenient and very effective way to get a message to consumers.

Restaurants & Cafes

Text message marketing is a simple and inexpensive way for restaurants to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Reward your customers with discounts on menu items and let them know about specials you are running.

Dance Classes

Let's face it. Students and parents at your school are always on their smartphone. Our easy to use text marketing system allows you to keep consistent communication with all of them about class schedules and announcements.

Salons & Spas

The market is changing everyday, in terms of technology, and spa owners do very well utilizing SMS messaging to their benefit. The majority of clients at spas and salons are return customers, opening the door for them to opt in to receive SMS messages about the latest sale, special, or service.


Missed appointments and forgotten medications can be a thing of the past. Our automated service is an ideal way to reach out to patients with appointment or prescription reminders. Doctors and dentists both find the appointment reminder feature very helpful in maintaining a very tight schedule.

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